Cubes of Feta cheese marinated in extra virgin olive oil and herbs.

Hotos Feta Cheese is a protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) product,

made exclusively of 100% fresh pasteurized Greek sheep and goat milk. 

Presented in 220gr/ 7.76 ox. resealable airtight packaging. Should be

stored in a refrigerator after package is opened. 

A blend of high quality milk from sheep and goats that freely

roam the Greek countryside feeding on wild grasses, hers,

wildflowers, and local vegetation. No pesticides or antibiotics.

A pleasant taste, not very salty with a rich aroma, which had

been awarded the London Golden World Quality Prize. 

Use as a healthy snack, an appetizer or to accompany main dishes and salads.

Serve in big chunks on a salad platter, scattered over pasta or pizza, crumbled up

with fresh tomatoes with some of the tasty oil drizzled over.  The tangy salty flavor

of feta cheese is a perfect match for cocktails, or as an easy little appetizer on a

slice of toasted bread or cracker!

Real Greek Feta Cheese