The Finest Greek Cheeses

Mediterranean Greek Products™ is proud to import and distribute the world class HOTOS brand of super premium, small batch Greek Cheeses, which have been made in the mountain region of Samarina, Greece by over three generations of the Hotos family for almost 100 years.


We offer their uniquely better tasting and textured cheeses of the highest quality, made of 100% sheep's milk. This is true Feta, unlike most found in the U.S., and it pleases educated, international tastes every time. The kind of tastes that don't mind paying extra for the privilege.  


Product Line Includes:

  • Feta

  • Manouri

  • Goat Cheese

  • Anthotyro


Feta and Manouri Cheeses feature:

  • Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs)

  • 100% Pasteurized Sheep's Milk

  • Organic Options