Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Mediterranean Greek Products' Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made frrom rich, popular Greek Manaki Olives. The powerful aroma of this olive oil makes for a pleasingly unexpected and delicate flavor profile. Combined with a very low acidity, the subtle notes and creamy texture make this premium olive oil truly shine when drizzled over any dish or served with fresh bread or rolls.


Its taste is enticingly sweet, fruity, and mild on the palate. Its after-taste leaves a pleasant sense of freshness with a touch of almond, artichoke and grass notes. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not blended with any other oils.

Distinct by its rich, gold green color, it is considered in some regions of Europe as a ‘breakfast olive oil’
because of how subtle tasting, yet aromatic it can be.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Harvested and bottled in Greece

  • Available in:
    • Square, dark glass or plastic bottles
       with sealed cap to protect the oil from
       light and air

    • The traditional 3 liter tin

    • A light, but durable and recyclable
       1.5 litre pouch 

  • Less than 0.06% acidity

8.5 oz

17 oz

3 Litres

1.5 Litres